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    Maria Sharapova Challengegood-humored or outspoken

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How gamers see the world.

Source: Nerdgasm


    How gamers see the world.

    Source: Nerdgasm

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Time to doodle![x]


    Time to doodle![x]

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    Reacting to Blue Ivy

  5. US OPEN It must be love.

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    sacrificinggoats said: who would your ultimate pokemon battle be between? :)


    Magikarp that only knows splash and a Snorlax that only knows rest. Both with infinite PP

  7. And I never saw you coming, and I’ll never be the same.
    — State of Grace, Taylor Swift
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    This is literally the most exciting thing that I’ve ever seen.

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    Fundamental atheists and fundamental religious folk are the same… I don’t know why people think there’s this huge disparity between them - they both require extreme personalities with rigid opinions and very harsh views on the world. It’s the people in the middle who see those shades of grey. Not believing in God doesn’t make someone smarter or better than someone who does.
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